Absurd Porting FJORDS Devlog Entry #1

Kyle and I decided that it would be best for me to port the game to C++. He also says that this wouldn’t be happening without me, but I’m pretty sure someone else would have offered by now.


Day 1 Progress

  • Wrote “Quicky” functions to wrap some of my framework so I don’t have to do level->getprogram->getinputmanager->keyboardstate->iskeypressed
    just Quicky_Keyboard_IsKeyPressed. They’re inlined so they’re faster.
  • Booted into OS X to get the basic keyboard working for the terminals in the game. I can’t do this in Game Maker: Studio (well, with 1.3 I could but GM:S is still slow in the areas I need it to be fast)
  • Wrote boilerplate class code for all the classes and removed some if they were just glorified tiles. This amounted to quite a few, Kyle.