To use whatever of mine you find on this Kinect page, you’ll have to download some or all of the following:


And possibly:


  • Primesense SDK
  • The Windows SDK from Microsoft for your operating system. I used Vista, but any Windows OS XP and newer should work.
  • Visual Studio. I used Visual Studio 2010 Express, so the project files I supply with be for that version.

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  1. Kiyah

    Your OpenNI binaries are broken (404). Also, could you put what players you need with each download? Thank you!

  2. Fixed. Thanks.

    But I don’t understand “Also, could you put what players you need with each download?”

    Do you mean what players need to download to use the program? It says it above.

  3. Goldenhotdogs

    I downloaded the binaries and stuff for it but when I try to run it/download a program it says it was unable to find openni.dll
    what do I do?