A lowly garbage worker on a trading ship is the only survivor after a crash on an uncharted planet filled with strange beings.


Sharing worlds in-game will come in a later update.

Want a partial map for the lite version?  Get it here. Warning: This will ruin the part of the fun of the game.


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  6. Vipul Patil

    Am I right in assuming that you made this game all by yourself including design, programming, graphics and sound? More importantly did you sing the trailer song?

    Great job.

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  9. Tyler Harding

    I would email you, but no matter how I follow your directions the website hates me because it thinks I’m a robot 🙁 so here it is: Hello, I love your Astronot game as it reminds me of the Metroid games which I love. At the moment though, it appears that I am stuck. My save point is in the middle of a large body of water and to the left there are two rooms: one above water and one underwater. Both of these rooms are dead-ends, lava waterfalls walling them off. To the right is a large lava pool which I cannot jump over with the 3 power ups I have (jump, gun, and speed). If you could explain a way to get out or fix this with an update soon I would appreciate it very much…I’ve played for about 3 hours and do not wish to restart the game. Thanks!

  10. steph deslauriers

    cannot email you and cannot send you money so to buy Astronot. Please help. Thank you.

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  16. Carl

    i can’t find last two square and i cannot fight down last boss(under lava)in Lv 17,did some body done?please post a picture.

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  19. Glork

    I beat this game before a couple years ago. (iOS)

    Now fighting the Knight boss I find myself dying without getting hit by anything. What’s happening? Is it a glitch?

  20. Mickennxtre68

    You’ve honestly been one of my biggest inspirations as a game developer. I’d love to see more from this, wether it be just a new update or a whole new game.

  21. Mickennxtre68

    I’m making a collection of level codes so I can easily access them from my Mac. I’m gonna try and make my own soon, but to start here are some from McGillis himself

  22. Steve.

    Why has Astronot been pulled from the App Store? I hope it’s not gone long as it is brilluant.