Newton With a Crossbow

I read some hilarious things about a week ago in the comments of an io9 article article titled “10 Self-Confessed Sins of Isaac Newton.”

Some of them went as follows:

“I’m ready to watch ‘Newton with a Crossbow’.”
“The tagline?
‘When he puts things to rest – they stay at rest.’ ”
“Not only would I pay money to watch ‘Newton with a Crossbow’, I’d pay even more money to watch the sequel ‘Liebniz with a Hand Cannon’ wherein Newton and Leibniz finally settle the question of who invented Calculus, with a vengeance.”

Those comments gave the idea for a game called “Newton with a Crossbow.” The only enemies I could think of that went with crossbows were vampires, so the game is about Isaac Newton on a quest to rid the world of Leibniz.



    When he puts things to rest, they stay at rest.

    Fight against undead hordes as Sir Isaac Newton and face off against the evil LIEBNIZ*.

    *game not finished


    This doesn't look good for our wigged hero.

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