My First Flash Game

This was my first flash game. I made it on January 12, 2009.

Player moves with arrow keys.
Home activates player 2. WASD.



    no laughs


    One, ah ah
    Two! ah ah

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    1. Melania

      Posted on This will be the 1st time I have commented right here and I ought to say you give guneine, and top quality details for bloggers! Good job.

    2. Enmanuelyosueth

      Of course you can. Each time you go to the page, it will use the partmeaers you send. You could either create multiple buttons or use a single button and have that button talk to your own Apex code that redirects the user appropriately. Contact us if you want to talk it through.

    3. Dochey

      I mis-interpreted. I replied rerdaging adding multiple buttons on your Account page. That’s no problem. However, via the URLs, only one button can be added to the map for a record at a time.