Cows And Stuff

This game got covered on FREEINDIEGAMES!!!! [1]

When the rating period first ended, I had a pity party for myself because I didn’t get in a top 5 position in Humor [2]. LD Competitor crackerblocks won first place [3], but TECHNICALLY should have been disqualified because the Ludum Dare rules [4] state “All game code and content must be created within the 48 hours,” but the gameplay “field” of crackerblocks’ entry was taken from a beef chart from 2007 [5]! Many years before LD23! The tanks were taken off the internet too, but that’s not as easily sourceable as the beef chart.



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  1. Sensizlik

    Looks Nice Ant. A bit more distance by each click may be a good idea as it takes seerval just to move to the sign on the first level. Good start though.