A lowly garbage worker on a trading ship is the only survivor after a crash on an uncharted planet filled with strange beings.


Sharing worlds in-game will come in a later update.

Want a partial map for the lite version?  Get it here.

What people said about Astronot when it was released:

“Astronot is a game that I will not be playing again. Don’t believe the hype.”

James Monkman, RGCD

“What passes for music is quite annoying and will have you muting the game fairly quickly.”

Dave Flodine, AppSpy

“So Astronot’s an ugly game. But it’s not a bad one.”

Jonathan Glover, TouchArcade

“[…] a good strong dose of pure retro metroidvania-style platform adventuring, and you’ll love every minute of stranded torture it brings you.”

John Bardinelli, JayIsGames

“Astronot is the rare work that is blatantly inspired by another game yet finds depth by stripping its inspiration down for parts.”

Steve Heisler, The Gameological Society

“This is a game that doesn’t just encourage you to think for yourself, but forces you to. If that’s the kind of challenge you’re after, this comes highly recommended.”

Harry Slater, PocketGamer

“It is extremely difficult, and it revels in its difficulty.”

“I’m simultaneously engrossed yet exceedingly frustrated.”

Carter Dotson, 148Apps

“its world is as eerie as anything from Metroid or Exile. […] the limited colour pallet renders it gorgeously lurid, while the primitive art makes the statues and skulls and bosses you come across seem genuinely otherworldly.”

Christian Donlan, EuroGamer

“It’s game that will take you from high feelings of victory and advancement to the depths of despair in mere minutes. But for those who have the patience and endurance for such a thing, Astronot offers an incredibly rewarding hardcore retro experience unlike any other in the App Store.”

Luke Larsen, Paste Magazine


Crap screenshot

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  1. kichatos

    The game is great!
    I’ve been playing it for an hour and all that time I’ve been really curious about whether or not I am going the right way. I have to say that in spite of this I’m enjoying the exploration element)))
    Now I’m facing my first boss and it seems to be too hard to beat. It makes me think that there is a weapon upgrade and I simply can’t find it.
    Anyway, I’d like to thank you for developing such an incredible game))
    P.S.: it would be better if you really wrote your email in contact section ’cause I’m not smart enough to tell what is it from myfirstname @ myfullname . com)))

  2. Hi Wade,

    Awesome game! I’m stuck without a freakin map though, haha. iOS needs more games like this — it’s super immersive and tons of fun.

    Thanks for making Astronot!