fjordsss fullscreen issues

Early today, Mr. Reimergartin released fjordsss for OS X.

If you read my previous post, you’ll find out that Kyle and I decided on Game Maker for Mac (GM4Mac) to do the porting as the only other viable option was a complete rewrite to C++ (which I might do anyway because then I get complete control and don’t have to use an unsupported, buggy program still being sold by YoYoGames)


Because YoYo Games stopped working on GM4Mac and left it in a buggy state, yet still sells the product on their website, fullscreen doesn’t work quite the same as it does in the Windows version. Note: GM4Mac is the OS X port of Game Maker 7. Kyle and I even tweeted with LEON ARNOTT, Game Maker Wizard, who, while helpful, wasn’t able to solve the fullscreen issue.

methods for scaling:

  • Using GM4Mac’s built in fullscreen, the game will scale exactly as it does in Game Maker 7, but the game will be shoved to the left of the screen. Kyle didn’t want that
  • Using a method with multiple viewports, the game will to fit the screen, but depending on the physical resolution of the display, stretching will occur. Kyle didn’t want that
  • Using a method with multiple viewports where the VIEWPORTS are scaled to fit the screen, Game Maker 7’s tile bugs pop up and pixels from nearby tiles are drawn in (why? who programmed that? I can do better.)
  • Using a method where the viewports are integer scaled the most they can, the game displays mostly well, depending on the resolution

Indie darling Brandon Boyer bought FJORDSSS for OS X and experienced an issue I knew would happen: the game doesn’t display right

His MacBook has a vertical resolution of 900 pixels. FJORDSSS has a vertical resolution of 480 pixels. Due to Kyle’s choices on how fullscreen works due GM4Mac’s bugginess, the only integer scale that works is 1. The game ends up being a vertical rectangle with a 210 pixel high vertical border on each side. I can’t fix this. Kyle has the most recent copy of the source, at the time of writing, so I can’t add something in the readme.ini that could allow the player to choose to play with poorer visuals (like the horizontal stretching).

Sorry Brandon & others. I’d love to help, but Kyle’s gotta instill pizza into the minds of those second graders, which means you’re going to have to wait 5 or more hours. 🙁

This is fullscreen with horizontal (non 1:1) scaling …

… but then Kyle says …

… so that means we get this …

… which leads to …

… when the integer scaling doesn’t fit.


hello. my name is wade.


Story begins
Kyle Reimergartin (@mooonmagic) released a game on halloween (i think) called FJORDS or maybe it’s FJORDSSS. More snakes.

That day, or, maybe the next day, I offered to port the game to OS X. From ~2004 until maybe 2009 or 2010 or something I used Game Maker for all of my programming needs, even making a special effects editor for home-made movies and school projects.

Mr. Reimergartin eagerly agreed and sent me the entire source code to his game, including Continue reading

Astronot update plans

Short term (i.e. upload in the next few days at most.)

– Fix the sequence breaking error.
– Change the glitchy graphics mode to something else.
– Fix UI issues.

Long term (month or less or more)

PC Only

– Completely redo the settings screen. Even though it won’t match the rest of the game, it will be far better and more user friendly.
– Windows DirectInput/XInput support. OS X joystick support if I learn how.
– Remove all Carbon code due to OS X 10.8 Puma. (look it up)
– edit: Oh yeah, Linux. *shudders*

iOS Only

– Everything above.
– Add iCade support.
– Add Joypad support.
– In-app editor doubtful. I don’t know how I’d pull it off on the tiny 3.? inch screens. Maybe you should all buy sandpaper and file your fingers.
– Add Twitter integration. Not Facebook. Never.
– Use native UI widgets to redo the settings screen. This will make settings a lot easier to handle and will also allow for better settings. Or, don’t use native UI but have the settings screen take up the entire iDevice screen. … :/

A story

This post has nothing to do with game development AT ALL. So McFunkypants, if you’re reading this, you can remove me from that site that acts as a huge rss aggregator-thing that you run (Or, I think you run it)

So, the story. It’s super late at night (well, super early in the morning 😉 ) and I have no idea how I found this story! But I liked it!
It’s a story about how this guy ends up marrying his wife.

Have fun.

What game is this?

I read an article once. I don’t know how long ago. I thought it was about Terry Cavanagh’s At a Distance, but I might be mistaken. INTERNET. YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE. I’d like you to tell me what game the following describes.

You are in a city. There is a building in the city with a model of the city in it. Whatever you do to the model of the city is done large-scale out in the real city. Solve puzzles and stuff.

There, that’s all I remember.

It’s a not so small world

Here is the world map for my astronaut game at 2×2 pixels per tile, which is 8×8 in game:
a href and or img src =

And now, for comparison, here is the world map for the Metroid NES at 2×2 pixels per tile, which is 16×16 in game:
a href and or img src =

Okay. You know what. Go here. It doesn’t use the formatting of wordpress and allows you to be able to do an accurate size comparison.

Done? Good.

Even though my game is bad (uhh… Don’t take my word for it. I think ALL of my games are crappy), I at least will know that once it’s released, it will at least have a fairly large game world.

Side note: I’ve never played all the way through the original Metroid. The only powerups I’ve ever gotten are the morph ball and one missile expansion. 🙁 It’s just too hard. And big. D: