Absurd Porting FJORDS Devlog Entry #17

Sorry for the lack of posting. I was busy working on a game for Kyle’s birthday called Mulder’s Quest. You can get it here on my site, or on itch.io. It should run on any windows computer that’s OpenGL 2 compatible, and on Intel Macs 10.6+ that are OpenGL 2 compatible.

no nightly build this time.
Day 17 Progress

  • Backported the rendering engine. I can switch between OpenGL 1 and OpenGL 2 with one number. This allows the game to run on older computers.

Unimplemented major features, or features I left half programmed.

  • New rendering engine has no color or alpha blending when using GL1
  • no saving of ini data whatsoever. Sorry!
  • Magic doesn’t work in a 1×1 area, instead of impaling yourself in the ground, you jump up to the nearest empty space.
  • No BOMBS
  • No GHOST
  • WARP still shows all objects and doesn’t have the color flash or anything.
  • No K screen, when you fall too far and enter the end of the game world.

Recurring Bugs (newest bugs listed first.)

  • Levels display stacked when the game isn’t run from VS (the nightly builds). maybe fixed? the array problem may have fixed this too
  • FIXEDWhen leaving the first room with a boat, you explode as if you pressed K.
  • FIXEDSound doesn’t function correctly while in the pizza zone
  • FIXEDWhen leaving rooms sometimes, a second player will be created on a ferry falling from the ceiling.
  • Discovered a bug where if you are standing on the edge of a block and press A and then press the direction which will make you fall off the block, you will ride up with the hook as your head. This is a collision issue.
  • FIXEDFalling and Hookshot break in small places.Hookshot is intended to work like this, sayeth Kyle
  • FIXEDPlayer never faces left. No idea why. The code is there for it to draw flipped, but it doesn’t?
  • Player falls at half speed. ?????
  • Everything else.

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  1. Andres

    Thank you for reviewing The Innkeepers, JP! I went onlnie and rented this movie before leaving my office at DISH. It had downloaded to my Hopper DVR by the time I walked in the door and it was ready to watch. I thought it was a solid horror film. The atmosphere was genuinely creepy, and I like that they didn’t rely on CGI to anchor the film. It wasn’t the best horror movie I have ever seen, but it is certainly worth watching.

  2. Bebo

    try some other temporary OS and fomart the partition example u can use Ubuntu install ubuntu on a disc u can find a good guide to do tht on the net and boot ur netbook into it as soon as it loads up go to the partition manager or whatever and then erase the disc or delete it with FAT32 once ur done dont forget to apply the changes then boot into the windows disc fomart it using the windows disc so tht the lastest file system is present and install