Absurd Porting FJORDS Devlog Entry #9

Day 9 Progress

  • more doors work
  • magic should work if I enable it. Haha. I need to make the terminal next.
  • TFGH keys make the player fly around for testing.
  • fixed a lot of room transitions
  • not looking forward to terminal

Known Bugs

  • Player never faces left. No idea why. The code is there for it to draw flipped, but it doesn’t?
  • Falling and Hookshot break in small places.
  • Everything else.

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  1. Shavonmz

    Haley, I really ejnoyed looking at the photos of Rosalie. What a beautiful baby!! The pics of Taryn and Mark were great too, but Jill’s wedding pictures just knocked me out. Girl, you are an awesome photographer! I’m sure it helps to have such great subjects to photograph, but the talent is in your eye. Great work!