Absurd Porting FJORDS Devlog Entry #16

remember the nightly builds, Kyle & whoever he deems worthy
Day 16 Progress

  • It turns out FERRY does work as intended
  • Tile array issue fixed. Tile data outside the room is no longer corrupt… much 😉
  • you no longer collide with and die from invisible water when you are in the DOORS realm
  • fixed an issue where all water disappears when you disable waterfalls
  • boats now collide with SLIMESURFACE. very funny before. impassable areas.
  • openal32.dll now included in the nightly builds. Sorry.

Unimplemented major features, or features I left half programmed.

  • no saving of ini data whatsoever. Sorry!
  • Magic doesn’t work in a 1×1 area, instead of impaling yourself in the ground, you jump up to the nearest empty space.
  • No BOMBS
  • No GHOST
  • WARP still shows all objects and doesn’t have the color flash or anything.
  • No K screen, when you fall too far and enter the end of the game world.

Recurring Bugs (newest bugs listed first.)

  • Levels display stacked when the game isn’t run from VS (the nightly builds). maybe fixed? the array problem may have fixed this too
  • FIXEDWhen leaving the first room with a boat, you explode as if you pressed K.
  • FIXEDSound doesn’t function correctly while in the pizza zone
  • FIXEDWhen leaving rooms sometimes, a second player will be created on a ferry falling from the ceiling.
  • Discovered a bug where if you are standing on the edge of a block and press A and then press the direction which will make you fall off the block, you will ride up with the hook as your head. This is a collision issue.
  • FIXEDFalling and Hookshot break in small places.Hookshot is intended to work like this, sayeth Kyle
  • FIXEDPlayer never faces left. No idea why. The code is there for it to draw flipped, but it doesn’t?
  • Player falls at half speed. ?????
  • Everything else.

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