Absurd Porting FJORDS Devlog Entry #14

Day 14 Progress
Hello I am on my iPad so making bulletpoint lists and copying HTML tags isn’t very quick so this post will just be text. Sorry.

– I got the pizza dimension sound to work right today because I had the pitch variables as ints, not floats.
– I watched kittylovesrobot’s stream of fjords and probably spoiled the game for some people if they payed attention in the chat.
– Started to switch the game over from LinkedIn lists to stl vectors. This will make porting to android difficult (android version not promised. Sorry) because last time I checked android ndk doesn’t support STL! But, my dev phone runs froyo so maybe that is one of the reasons. The game doesn’t compile at the moment.
– Apparently bookshot is programmed correctly, but the collision bug still needs to be fixed.
– player sprite still doesn’t flip???
– modified the shader so dimensiondoors display correctly with the random color blending and stuff.
– there’s more things from previous posts that still don’t work but I’m not to going to copy it over.

maybe I’ll send a build to Kyle soon.

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