Absurd Porting FJORDS Devlog Entry #12

Day 12 Progress

  • Magic.
  • Terminal works!
  • Fixed a text rendering issue where displaying a ‘:’ horribly lags the game.
  • Fixed a bug with ladders causing a slowdown in falling even when ladders are disabled.
  • Water surfaces now display when waterfalls are set to false.

Known Bugs

  • Player never faces left. No idea why. The code is there for it to draw flipped, but it doesn’t?
  • Falling and Hookshot break in small places.
  • Discovered a bug where if you are standing on the edge of a block and press A and then press the direction which will make you fall off the block, you will ride up with the hook as your head. This is a collision issue.
  • If you magic while in a 1×1 tile space, you fly upwards.
  • Everything else.

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